About Us

At Mi Hometown Furnishings; We Make Your House A Home!

MiHometown Furnishings was founded on a desire to do just that...make your house a home.  Co-Owners, Heather and Ken Palcowski, have a deep passion for interior design and a vast knowledge of the furniture industry.  With this combination of passion and knowledge they have created an environment that is welcoming...an environment that makes furniture shopping fun!  And MiHometown Furnishings is so much more than just a furniture store...customers love coming in, grabbing a warm cup of coffee, and checking out the hundreds of different accessory items MiHometown carries.

Heather and Ken Palcowski have been in the furniture business for years and have started several stores along the way.  Although they own multiple furniture stores and brands there will only ever be one Mi Hometown Furnishings because Lowell is Ken and Heather's hometown.  They have added every personal touch possible to this store and are happy to carry hundreds of locally made products, accessories, and trinkets from local vendors.

Mission: "It is our mission to serve our community by helping our guests understand how to use home furnishings products to enhance the beauty and comfort of their homes and the quality of their lives.  We will provide fair value to our customers, and will represent our suppliers with integrity at all times.  We will strive to provide a high-quality workplace where our employees can prosper and achieve their quality of life goals."

Pictured Below: Heather and Ken Palcowski with their son Tripp at his first birthday party.